You should contact your embassy

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Contact your embassy

Unless you are planning to disappear by falling off the face of the earth you should register with your country’s Government agency that handles foreign affairs for that country and their citizens.  We have provided links to these for the United States, Canada and Great Britain below.

United States State Department Traveler Enrollment Program

Canadian government Travel and Tourism

British government Travel Advice

These are a great place to start, but it is more important to contact your embassy and or consulate to the country you plan to move to as well.  If possible do it before you arrive, but do it during your first week of residency in your new country at the latest.   You can find your country’s US Embassy by clicking here , its British Embassy by clicking here, and its Canadian Embassy by clicking here.

Finally register with a consular warden preferably the one closest to you. A consular warden works with the local embassy and consulate to assist citizens in their times of need, and to provide notification of local events that could affect the safety of the expatriate citizens living abroad.

Your local consulate or embassy can provide you with the name, email and telephone contact of the warden living closest to you.  Please take the half a day or less to help your embassy help you in an emergency.


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