Tropical Rain Forests

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Tropical Rainforest Facts

Before beginning your search for your ideal home in the tropics becoming aware of tropical rainforest facts is a critical item to understand because if it is green, if it is tropical it is most likely part of a rain forest.

Tropical rainforests have annual rainfall between 250 cm and 450 cm (98 to 177 inches) and the precipitation is frequently seasonal. It is estimated that 50% of the world’s flora and fauna live in the tropical rainforests which explains the beautiful lush green forests that abound.

Tropical rainforest map
As you can see if you are planning to move to the tropics you are likely to encounter rain

One critical thing to recognize is you will encounter months and months of rain and almost every day.

Finding fun things to do when you’re bored.

Clearly with so much time in wet soggy weather it is important to find fun things to do when you are bored. Most likely the best thing to do is to find a group of like minded friends and go out for a coffee and a snack. Dinners are also popular and can be enjoyed as a couple or with a large group of friends. Caution try to avoid the ever present complainer, they exist everywhere and serve no purpose other than to bring you down. The other thing to try and avoid is attending happy hours EVERY day of the week.

Indoor hobbies are a great way to pass the rainy system be it painting, playing cards, playing backgammon, checkers and or chess are all suitable ways to enjoy yourself indoors. Do you play music? Can you sing and dance? These are great ways to make friends and to spend your time alone.

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8 thoughts on “Tropical Rain Forests”

  1. I love your style of reading, really has put a smile on my face 🙂

    My Husband and I have started to think about where we want to retire to, we both love the tropics and completely agree about the rain fall, we have experienced it.

    I’m most definitely a talker and my Husband loves TV, Movies and most certainly music, great to know that they are all accessible over there, he will be happy and I can sort out my on line shopping 😉

    Well informed post, thank you.

    1. Hi June,  Thank you so much for your comments.  We have been living full time in Panama and know a huge part of the expat community here.  We have heard many complaints and suffered through some of the same problems many expats do so I wanted to help retirees find a shortcut to a direct solution to those problems.

  2. Hi Robert that must have been a big decision to move to the tropics. Clearly a lot of thought and research went into that decision. I knew the rain forest had a lot of rain but I did not realize just how much they actually did get. Are there a lot of mosquitos and black flies? What type of wild life is there also?
    The bug population and the type of wildlife present would be a concerning factor for me if I was ever to move to the tropics. Not a fan of creepy crawling wildlife!
    You mention indoor hobbies what about outdoor hobbies? I love gardening so I imagine with the weather there this is something I could enjoy.
    Wish you all the best in your retirement and ongoing adventure!

    1. Hi Maureen,  Bub population varies by country and the government eradication programs in each country.  Black flies are seasonal they come to eat the mangos as they ripen and this occurs during the rainy season.  We control them with fly paper and similar products.  We live in Panama and the government has basically eradicated mosquitos by rigid drainage enforcement and training on how to eliminate standing water on private and public property.  

      Outdoor activities such as gardening definitely exist but it is something that has to be done during the breaks from the near constant rainfall.   –   Robert

  3. Hi Robert,

    Great advice on what to do if you are bored…whether you live in the tropics or somewhere less exotic! Personally, I can wait to be retired and bored on a tropical island. Ahhh. Someday. Its an idea my husband and I entertain every now and then. How long have you and your wife been retired in Panama? If you don’t mind my asking – are you pleased with your options for accessing medical care?


    1. Hi Alyssa, Thank you for your comment.  I will be updating this article shortly as I conclude my reviews of the Kindle Reader and the Review of Kindle Unlimited Reading subscription Service both of which both my wife and I  use and enjoy immensely.  

      We formally retired here in 2010 and enjoy the slower pace of life and the ability to live in a higher standard of living than we could in the USA.  For many, like us it was difficult to adjust without some contact with our friends and family at home and our culture, even though we love the local culture, why not have the best of both?

      As for medical care, it varies based on where you live.  We live in the interior about 3 and a half hours by car or buss to Panama city.  Here Trauma care is very good, general and family medicine are also very good, but specialty care is not always readily available.  We need to travel to a larger city for most care and for specialty care we go to 2 USA affiliated hospitals where most treatments are available.

      I hope that helped,   Robert

  4. Thanks for the great post Rob!

    I had have not yet thought much about retirement, much less thought about where I want to retire but I will now be adding tropical rain forests to the list. With TV and shopping at your finger tips really you could retire anywhere i think – that sounds like my family’s ideal holiday 🙂

    1. Hi SJ,  It took my wife and I a while to adjust after the initial wonder and adventure had turned into day today life.  Another couple of ways we have found to entertain us are Amazon Kindle E Readers which we review here accompanied by either the Unlimited Kindle Reading Subscription services which we review here  and or the Amazon Prime Membership Services which we review here. We have been amazed with all of the available options we have been able to build our own little cross cultural haven that brings us the best of both worlds. – Robert

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