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International Medical GroupTravel Insurance Policies

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Travel insurance policies are important when you begin investigating potential new homes or anytime you are outside the country where you are currently insured.  For a low upfront cost these policies will provide you security while traveling abroad.

International Medical Group, or IMG, is an industry leader in travel insurance offering travel medical insurance and trip cancellation policies that cover many different travel insurance needs.   Their coverage policies can be divided into individual/group  and group coverage and each will be explained below.

Individual/Group Travel Insurance Policies

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance is available for both individuals and families.  It  offers coverage for time periods of 5 days up to 2 years.  The coverage amount begins at $50,000 and can be raised to a maximum coverage amount is $2,000,000.  All coverages can be purchased with deductibles starting a $0 and increasing up to $2,500.  This flexibility of coverage amounts and deductibles allow you to select a plan that both meets your health insurance needs and your finances.   This coverage consists of  2 separate plans Patriot International for US Citizens traveling outside of the United States and Patriot America for non US citizens traveling outside their own country.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of :

  • College students studying abroad
  • Foreign au pairs and nannies
  • Families sponsoring exchange students
  • International vacationers
  • Individual or group missionaries
  • Relatives visiting from overseas
  • Recently arrived immigrants

To learn more, receive a quote for coverage or apply for coverage  you can do so by clicking here.

Patriot America Plus provides coverage for non US Citizens traveling outside of their home country.  It offers many of the same benefits as Patriot America with 2 differences.  First the maximum coverage available is $500,000 instead of the $2,000,000 maximum offered by a Patriot America policy.  The second difference is Patriot America Plus offers additional coverage for Acute Onset of  Preexisting Medical Conditions.  Further information is available here.

Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance is a premium version of the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance policy.  Total coverage can be increased to $8,000,000 and 2 additional features,  the Global Concierge and  Assistance Services are included to help policyholders find medical services throughout the world.  Similar to Patriot Travel Medical Insurance this coverage  consists of  2 separate plans Patriot Platinum International for US Citizens traveling outside of the United States and Patriot Platinum America for non US citizens traveling outside their own country.  To further investigate the coverage or to apply for coverage you can do so here.

Patriot Platinum Group Travel Medical Insurance provides IMG’s highest level of coverage for groups of  5 or more unrelated persons at a less expensive group rate versus an individual policy.  Coverage may be purchased up to $8,000,000 per person with deductibles ranging from $0 to $25,000. The policy provides each person in the group with the same benefits of the Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance discussed above including access to the Global Assistance Services and the Global Concierge Service.

This coverage consists of  2 separate plans Patriot Platinum International Group for US Citizens traveling outside of the United States and Patriot Platinum America Group for non US citizens traveling outside their own country.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of :

  • Groups of travelers wanting first-class medical coverage
  • Vacationing families and individuals
  • Groups of executives

To learn more about or to apply for Patriot Platinum Group Travel Medical Insurance  you can do so here.

One of the more interesting travel insurance coverages offered by IMG is the Patriot Green Travel Medical Insurance.  While offering the same group of core benefits as the Patriot Travel Medical Insurance the Patriot Green medical benefits add additional benefits designed for the Eco Friendly traveler.  First it expands coverage to include outdoor adventures such as ziplining, cave tubing and wildlife safaris.  The plan purchases carbon offsets to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your travels and adds an additional accidental death and dismemberment benefit payable to an environmentally friendly organization. Finally this plan is 100% paperless reducing environmental pressure on landfills.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of :

  • Environmentally conscious travelers
  • Green organizations
  • Individuals and families

If traveling with Eco friendly travel insurance is the way you want to travel you can apply for coverage here.

Patriot Green Group Travel Medical Insurance offers the same Eco friendly travel medical insurance to groups of 5 or more unrelated travelers described above under Patriot Green Travel Medical Insurance for individual travelers but offered at a discounted group rate.

Visit the link  here to learn more about Patriot Green Group Travel Medical Insurance.

Patriot Adventure Travel Medical Insurance is designed to cover international travelers who are interested in doing more than visiting museums.  Coverages for amatuer non contact sports and select adventure sports are included in these policies.  There are 2 policies available, Patriot Adventure International  covers U.S. citizens traveling outside the U.S. and Patriot Adventure America covers non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country.

If adventure calls you to action, security should call you before you embark. Learn more or apply for coverage by clicking here.

Patriot Multi-Trip is coverage up to $1,000,000 combined with a deductible of $250 per injury or illness.  It is designed for individuals or families who travel outside their home country often during the year.  A policyholder pays a single annual premium which covers them on multiple trips up to 30 or 45 days each during the 12 month period covered by the policy.  Two plans are available Patriot Multi-Trip international for US Citizens traveling abroad and Patriot Multi-Trip American for non US Citizens traveling outside their home country.

For those who travel frequently outside of their home country a great first step on you road to adventures can be found here.

Patriot Multi-Trip Group is identical to Patriot Multi-Trip individual policies discussed above but for groups of 5 or more travelers who travel frequently outside their home country during a year but with a single annual premium at a discounted group rate.

You can learn more or apply for Patriot Multi-Trip Group coverage by clicking here.

GlobeHopper Senior is designed for US Citizens and Permanent Residents who are 65 years old or older who are enrolled in Medicare parts A and B and are also enrolled in either a Medigap plan or Medicare Advantage plan.  GlobalHopper Senior is secondary insurance to Medicare, Medigap and Medicare Advantage for medical expenses incurred outside of the United States.

Coverage amounts can be purchased up to $1,000,000 with multiple deductible options.  This coverage may be purchased for a single trip or for multiple trips up to 30 days each during a year.

To investigate single trip GlobalHopper Senior coverage  click here or if you are interested in the GlobalHopper Senior Multi-Trip insurance you can investigate this option by clicking here.

Patriot Exchange Program is a program meant to supply travel health insurance to students participating in an educational exchange program.  Policies can be purchased with coverage amounts ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 per illness or injury.  The policies that have coverage greater than the $50,000 coverage meet the requirements of students and their families applying for a US J1 or J2 visa. Coverage may also be purchased for a spouse and unmarried dependent children who will travel with the exchange participant.

Because these policies are  meant to be used by student  exchange participants additional optional coverage may be purchased for participation in high school sports, personal liability and legal assistance.

Be prepared for your new journey and exchange experience by starting your trip with the security obtained by knowing you and your family travelling with you are secure.  Start your journey here.

Patriot Group Exchange Program offers the same coverage for exchange student groups described above for individuals with a few additional options available. Unlike the individual plan the group plan may be purchased on an annual basis for a period up to 2 years and the plan has a $5,000,000 lifetime maximum.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of :

  • Students participating in international programs
  • Cultural exchange participants
  • International graduate students
  • Scholars and educators
  • Dependents
  • For groups of five or more students or participants

To learn more about the coverage or to start on your road to having coverage click here,

Student Health Advantage is designed specifically for international students, scholars, faculty, their spouses and dependent children with coverage that meets the US J1 visa requirements for health insurance coverage.   There are 2 levels of coverage to select from and they both include coverage for preexisting conditions after a blackout period during the initial months of coverage.  The first is the Standard level which has a maximum coverage level of $500,000 for the primary policy holder and  $100,000 for each dependent.  The policyholder’s maximum coverage of $500,000 is also subject to a maximum coverage per illness or injury of $300,000.

Deductibles are capped at $100 per illness or injury.  Similar to the Patriot Exchange Program Student Health advantage includes coverage for organized sports but also includes mental health coverage and international emergency care care as well.  Preexisting conditions are covered after 12 months of continuous coverage.

The second level of coverage is Platinum which includes all of the Standard coverage benefits and includes maternity coverage as well.  The maximum coverage level rises to $1,000,000 for the primary policyholder with a maximum of $500,000 coverage for each illness or injury.  Dependent coverage is the same as the Standard coverage.  Deductibles are capped at $50 per injury or illness.  Preexisting conditions are covered after 6 months of confinuous coverage.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of :

  • Groups of students participating in international programs
  • Cultural exchange participants
  • Graduate international students
  • Scholars and educators

If you are preparing to study abroad you should begin the process by finding health insurance that covers you in the country you are planning to study in.  You can do so by clicking here for platinum coverage or here for standard coverage.

Student Group Health Advantage offers the identical coverages as the Student Health Advantage described above for groups of 5 or more applicants at group as opposed to individual coverage rates.  To learn more about and or apply for Student Group Health Advantage Platinum coverage you can do so by clicking here and you can find more information and or apply for Student Group Health Advantage Standard coverage by clicking here.

ITravelInsured is made up of 3 levels of travel insurance. LX, SE and Lite.

LX  is the premium policy and it allows you to cancel your trip whenever you need to.  It covers most adventure activities so it is the optimum coverage for travel to remote and or exotic locations worldwide.

SE is the mid level policy and it is the most popular IMG sells as it is typically appropriate for cruises and foreign tours.  Children under 18 are included in the coverage at no additional cost per eligible adult insured.

Lite is the least expensive and it protects the policyholder against trip cancellation and trip interruption.   It also offers coverage for both baggage delay and travel delay.  Finally it includes access to IMG’s 24/7 emergency travel assistance service.

To learn more about any or all of the 3 levels of coverage you do so by clicking LX, SE or Lite.

Group Travel Insurance Policies

GEO Group offers corporations with 2 or more internationally assigned employees a base benefit medical plan with optional additional medical and other benefits that may include dental, life, disability income and daily indemnity coverage for the employees and their families.

These plans are designed to meet the needs of :

  • Multinational employers that desire coverage for their employees assigned overseas.

Corporate employers that desire to learn more and to tailor a benefit plan that best suits their employees assigned overseas can begin the process by clicking here.

Specialty Travel Insurance – Maritime Coverage

The final area of Travel Health Insurance coverage IMG offers is coverage for captains and crews of ocean going vessels.

Global Crew Medical Insurance is an annually renewable US Major Medical style Insurance for professional captains and crews sailing the world.   There are 4 levels of coverage Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum.  In addition there are optional coverages available and coverage limits and deductible options.  If you are sailing the high seas you can investigate this coverage more thoroughly by clicking here.

International Marine Medical Insurance provides $1,000,000 of continuos International  coverage to professional maritime crews in both their home countries and abroad.  To apply for coverage you can do so by clicking here.

CrewSelect International insurance provides portable  coverage for marine crews that is similar to European plans by design.  Coverage can be purchased in 3 currencies, the US Dollar, the Euro and the Great Britain Pound. To apply for this type of coverage you can do so my clicking here.

To review all Travel Insurance plans you can do so by clicking here.


If you have any suggestions, ideas and or questions please leave a comment below.