Should I learn the language?

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students learning a foreign languageThe research is complete and the preparation is set to begin.  Now you ask yourself  why should I learn another language?

Every person who moves abroad has most likely asked themselves that same question and most have received the opinion of others as to why you should learn a foreign language.  Advice can be helpful but to answer why should I learn another language it is best to depend on your own independent research.

First it is most important to have a clear idea of how you want to live in your new country.  Do you want to live in area that is largely expatriate and associate with others who already speak your native language.  In these areas, and there are there are many communities like this, you will  depend on those who are bilingual to assist you with doctor appointments, plumbers and most services you will need.  Alternatively do you want to be able to go shopping, see a dentist or make reservations without depending on other people to do it for you?

Second are you willing to invest your money, time and energy in order to learn another language?  To most the case is clear, life is fuller and much more independent when you do learn the local language.

At this point the next question is how to learn a new language?

There are many ways to answer how to learn a foreign language including self study courses. online schools, classrooms and private tutors.

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4 thoughts on “Should I learn the language?”

  1. I have always pondered this idea. Thank you for providing information about Living In The Tropics and Learning Another Language. I will return to this site to gain further insights and tips!

  2. I like the post and you do pose a good question and answer about learning another language. Being born and raised on the boarder of Mexico has been a Blessing that I am able to speak two languages.

  3. I think it’s essential to at least learn the basics of the language when moving to/visiting a new place.

    It not only facilitates understanding, but is also recognised by locals and will earn you huge brownie points. Locals notice when you are making an effort and, even if it’s not perfect, will very much appreciate the effort.

  4. Right On Robert!

    If you are going to LIVE in another country, you need to attempt to learn the language!

    I know I am not perfect with my Spanish, but at least I try!

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