Review of Trusted Housesitters

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Trusted Housesitters
Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5
Price: $9.92 per month or $119.00 per year for either a sitter membership or a home owner membership, if you want to be both a combined annual membership is $149.00
Cofounders: Andy Peck and Rachel Martin are the cofounders of Trusted Housesitters.

Trust and safety
Uniting house sitters and homeowners
Like my wife and I you may be wondering where you can find house sitting opportunities. 

Surprisingly house sitting opportunities are becoming more common by the day and one of the best locations to find out if housesitting is for you is at Trusted Housesitters. Trusted Housesitters is the largest website designed to match house and pet sitters with home and pet owners needing their services. One of the things that sets the team at Trusted Housesitters apart is they are all pet owners and all have been and continue to be house sitters. Why is that important? They understand the needs and worries of their clients.

House sitting jobs are a different thing than an opportunity

House sitting jobs imply payment for your house sit will be part of the opportunity and Trusted Housesitters is for the exchange of free lodging for maintaining the home and any pets that reside there. This is still a wonderful way to visit new areas with no or low lodging expenses combined with being able to cook your own meals.

For those who are asking how to find a house sitter we can help.

Of course the other side of being a housesitter is for those of us wondering how to find a house sitter and Trusted Housesitters provides an excellent service for us too, so let’s get into the details.



If you are one of us who desires to house sit Trusted Housesitters is very helpful for several reasons, but probably the most important reason is their name. They help you become trusted by the homeowner members and that is the easiest way to find new house sits. They use a number of ways to do this but the most important one is the preliminary sitter verification system.

Basic verification will most likely not convince many owners because it is accomplished when Trusted Housesitters verifies your email address, your telephone number and a letter of reference from at least one person or entity such as a landlord, an employer, other house sits and or a character reference from someone who knows you.

Standard verification will provide prospective homeowners seeking a sitter with more confidence because in addition to the Basic verification items it adds an identity check against a number of identity verification databases, and a document check of identity documents such as passports and driver’s licenses. Now the homeowner will feel confident you are who you say you are.

The Enhanced verification provides all of the checks and verifications contained in the Basic and Standard verifications and adds a third party criminal background check that certifies you have no outstanding arrest warrants during the previous five years. That will surely add to the homeowner’s confidence.

Once you complete your first sit, and each house sit thereafter the homeowner and or pet owner will be encouraged to offer a review of your service on your Trusted Housesitters profile which future owners seeking a sitter will be able to see. If you do a good job, you will become more and more in demand.

Home and pet owners

Perhaps the major benefit for a homeowner without pets that Trusted Housesitters offers is verified sitter willing to stay in your home and maintain typical home maintenance such as mowing the lawn while you are away (read about the verification and review processes above under the sitters section). When a home is occupied it lowers the risk of burglary and vandalism. Further your sitter does not charge for their service.

Homeowners who have pets will have additional benefits provided at no additional cost.

  • No pet boarding cost will be incurred.
  • Pets, especially dogs and cats, are more tranquil emotionally when they are with trusted human company
  • Pets behave better when they have consistent exercise
  • Trusted Housesitters have 24/7 access to its Vet Advice Line

After your trip is over and you have returned home both the house sitter and you will be able to review the sit in the case of the house sitter, did the conditions of the home, pets and other representations live up to what was presented, and you, the owner can review the quality of the job the sitters did. This is one of the best features of Trusted Housesitters.


  • Strong identity and background verification
  • Reviews of both the sitters and the homeowners
  • Many House sits available and in many countries
  • Many verified housesitters available


  • For some people the membership fee may be too high.
  • Sitters do not get paid except for their ability to stay in the home free of charge


In our lives we have stayed in hostels, nice hotels and splendid resorts, but the more we have traveled the more we have discovered that staying in a home and living the the local lifestyle is by far the most enjoyable. When combined with a place to stay without financial cost makes this site ideal for us. If you enjoy learning about different cultures, seeing new places and living like a local when you arrive, or if you need someone to watch over your house and care for your pets while you are away, Trusted Housesitters is for you.

Excellent member support.

PRICE: $9.92 per month or $119.00 per year for either a sitter membership or a home owner membership, if you want to be both a combined annual membership is $149.00.



If you have any suggestions, ideas and or questions please leave a comment below.