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Inexpensive airfare
Inexpensive airfare

Overall Ranking: 4.5 out of 5
Price: free for limited flights, all flights $40.00 per year
Founder: Scott Keyes


Cheap Discount Airfare

While Scoots cheap flights is not a travel agency nor an airfare search engine they are a subscription
service that will alert you via email to cheap discount airfare departing from cities of your Scott's Cheap Flights
choice. Better yet, for premium members, they even find airfares published in error by the airlines and once booked that is the fare you get.

Finding a Discount Airline Ticket

The employees at Scott’s will find you the discount airline ticket you want. Subscribing to Scott’s is easy to do and once you have subscribed the only changes you have to make in the future is change the origin city you would like to receive fare notifications from. The only other effort you will need to make is to review their regular email notifications.


Business Class Discount Airfare

While Scott’s Cheap Flights finds exceptional deals on airfares for their subscribers they do not have

Scotts Cheap Flights
The best discount airfare search engine

specific fare class selections so finding a list of only business class discount airfare in the email notifications from Scott’s is not a service they currently have available.


Scott’s cheap flights is for all travelers seeking a discount airline ticket. Signup is easy and after that there is nothing more to do except review the regular emails you receive to find flights that you find attractive.

PRICE: free for limited flights, all flights $40.00 per year

FINAL OPINION is easy to sign up for, inexpensive to use and really helps flexible travelers. It is a little less effective for fixed date or specific destination travelers who need to be little more patient. If this is of interest you can sign up by clicking here.


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