Review of Functionally Fluent Spanish

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Functionally Fluent Spanish 
Overall Ranking: 4.3 out of 5
Price: $42.99 per course module
Website: Functionally Fluent

Functionally Fluent Spanish  is a 3 course Spanish instructional series for adults that has the objective of helping its students manage common daily tasks in a Spanish speaking country by using books, CDs and other entertaining materials to make learning fun.


  • Unlike its competition Functionally Fluent offers combing learning techniques that appeal the the visual and the audio based learners
  • It is fun because it eliminates the boring aspects of learning a language
  • Upon completion of the 3 course modules you will be able to survive using your new language


  • You will not be even close to fluent upon completion, but it is a start on that road


Functionally Fluent is for the beginning language learner who will be immersed in a country that speaks a different language than their own. Upon completion you will be able to speak to survive


3 course modules

PRICE: $42.99 per course module


Functionally Fluent does not mean you will be a language expert after completing the 3 course modules, but it does mean you will be able cope with daily tasks and the courses do achieve that goal.  This course is a good place to start your journey to retiring in the tropics.

You can get started with the first course by clicking here.


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