Review of Amazon Fire TV

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Fire TV | Streaming Media Player
Overall Ranking:4.8 out of 5
Price: $89.99
Owners: is a publically traded corporation
Website: Amazon

The Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s high end video streaming set top box. The Media Player is more expensive than the Fire TV stick, but with additional expense comes additional capabilities. Most important the Fire TV has expandable storage capability greatly increasing the media you can store on the device. In addition to more storage the Fire TV has more memory which means smoother streaming with fewer delays, and the ability to stream in ultra HD where the stick can only stream in normal HD.

Streaming video with Amazon and other providers such as Hulu is complicated if you live outside of the United States, but it certainly is quite possible. If you live inside the United States it is very easy.  If you live in an area Amazon serves such as the USA, Canada and Great Britain you will have access to many video sources, but that said, most premium services will be available for additional payments.

If you live outside areas where your country’s TV content is not

FireTV channels
Some of the many channels available on Fire TV

available, common for most of us who live in the tropics, you will need to acquire a virtual private network (VPN) with access to network IP addresses in your home country. While a bit more difficult to set up, it is far from impossible, so if staying in contact with TV from your home country is important to you, it is well worth the one time effort.

The Fire TV is a very capable video streaming set top box that comes equipped with Alexa voice control. It comes with sufficient memory to reduce or eliminate streaming delays and expandable disk memory to allow ample media storage.


Except for price the Fire TV has no flaws.


The Fire TV is for the experienced streamer looking to replace an existing set top box, or for the new user who is ready to jump into the high end of video streaming.

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PRICE: $89.99


The Fire TV | Streaming Media Player is a strong entrant into the high end video streaming set top box market. If you are in the market for a new video streaming device and a purchase price of just under $100 is in your budget the Fire TV | Streaming Media Player is an excellent choice.

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