Review of AliveCor Kardia FDA approved in home EKG monitor

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AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG for Apple and Android devices
Overall Ranking: 4.1 out of 5
Price: $99.00
Owners: Privately held corporation

The cardia is the latest in home cario monitoring device. It has been FDA certified and can be linked directly to your smartphone. It will alert you when the EKG demonstrates abnormal cardiac activity. The results can then be shared with your physician via email

In home heart health
The FDA approved Kardia in home Heart Monitor


The Kardia brings a real time EKG to your home and it can transmit the results directly to your doctor’s email for professional evaluation. Because advanced warning of potential heart attacks or strokes can save your life, any high risk cardiac patient should have a device that will give them and their doctor this warning, it could save your life.

Some users have found the Kardia difficult to use correctly, producing inaccurate false positive results.

This device is for any cardiac patient and all high risk patients such as diabetics. The Kardia brings clinical grade electrocardiograms to your hands via a IOS or Android smartphone application and better yet allows you to share it with your doctor. The application has two levels, Basic which is free of charge and Premium which is a $9.99 USD per month subscription service.

Ekg service plan comparrison
Service plan comparison


The Kardia has a simple clear user manual that addresses set up and use of the device and how to setup the application on Android and IOS devices.


AliveCor offers email and telephone support options.

PRICE: $99.00


Kardia is a must have for those with elevated cardiac risk, it could save your life.


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