Review Kodi Enabled Android Smart TV Player

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Kodi enabled Android smart TV player.
Overall Ranking: 5 out of 5


This set top box can be connected by HDMI cable to any flat screen TV.   It arrives with a streaming TV interface named Kodi pre installed which helps you access many streaming services such as USTVNow and Sling TV.  You can set up a free USTVNow account and watch ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC free of charge anywhere in the world with internet download speeds of 2 mbps or greater.  If hanging on to part of your culture in your new home is important this is the best thing available and highly recommended.  You can buy this lifeline here.


Number 1 access to TV from home anywhere in the world, thousands of recorded movies and television shows, a fast processor, significant RAM and permanent storage memory.


Some video services violate copyright laws of some countries.  Requires at least 2 mbps internet download speeds.


Couch potatoes, sports fans, movie addicts and others who enjoy television from home.


PRICE: $69.05


 You can buy this lifeline here.



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4 thoughts on “Review Kodi Enabled Android Smart TV Player”

  1. This is pretty cool as I’ve been searching for a replacement Set top box for my brother who lives over seas and this looks like the perfect solution. He really misses home programming. Do you know if the shows can also be accessed on a mobile device? Thanks for the great write up!

  2. My dad would love this Kodi enabled android smart tv player. The price is really great and also reviews are good. I had a look on Amazon to see the reviews of customers and they said this TV box is faster than other boxes. Besides that, also customer support is highly evaluated and it is very important for me when shopping online. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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