Residency Visa, Will my Mastercard Work?

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Permanent Resident Visa

Humor aside, before you can live legally in most foreign countries you have to secure a permanent resident visa.  Several locations to begin your investigation are a specific country oriented Facebook group such as  Expats in Panama or Gringo Expats in Costa Rica where you can ask questions and get a flavor about the lives of people who live in the country you are investigating.

I have seen many people refer potential newcomers to immigration attorneys they recommend in these two and other expat oriented Facebook groups.  Although is becoming less and less popular they also have groups devoted to people living in a specific country and you may well find good advice there also.

Finally a simple search for the name of the country you are investigating + immigration attorney  will yield many results.  Of the methods mentioned  we favor researching  country specific Facebook Expat groups.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Immigration Attorney

immigration attorneys
Find a great immigration attorney

Several factors are important to consider when choosing your immigration attorney.  Unless you are bilingual and know legal vocabulary in your new country’s native language, you want a bilingual immigration attorney.

Compare costs between several recommended attorneys while most are reasonable a few think being an attorney means legal robbery.

Inquire about their experience in the field of immigration and ask for a list of references you can contact.

Customer service, how rapidly do they answer your questions or attend to your needs.  Inquire what their service being quoted encompasses, and have them put that in writing.

Will you need an additional work permit, will you have to pay for other visas for family members, will you have to renew the visa and if so how often and how difficult is the renewal process.

These are all questions your immigration attorney should answer in writing before you hire them  Having the right attorney represent you during immigration will greatly simplify the process.


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2 thoughts on “Residency Visa, Will my Mastercard Work?”

  1. Hey Robert:

    This page is a fascinating look at the intricacies of becoming an ex-pat.

    I have several friends who’ve chosen to go that route and they seem to be enjoying themselves. A couple of friends are working their way toward that goal as well.

    I’ll be sure to point them at your site. Good information here….

    1. Thank you for the kind comments We are working very hard to help those considering a move to the tropics or who have already made one to have access to information in one spot. My wife and I enjoy helping others and will continue to do so as we can. Robert

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