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Optimus Prime

Our Review of Amazon Prime Membership

Are you wondering if Amazon Prime is for you? We have been Amazon Prime members for years and the membership ...
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Kindle E Reader

Our Review of Kindle E Readers from Amazon

Finally, You can Read in Your Language in Your New Home We were early adopters of the first edition of ...
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reading a Kindle

Our Review of Kindle Unlimited Reading Subscription Service

Do you miss reading materials in your new home? We recently reviewed a wonderful way to receive reading materials written ...
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Shop Online

Online Comparison Shopping

Can not find it locally? Shop Online! One of the things people living away from their home country miss the ...
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Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box

Our Review of the Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box

The Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box We recently received the Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box and frankly we ...
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The Fire TV Stick

Our Review of the Amazon Fire TV Stick

Review of the Amazon Fire TV Stick We recently reviewed the Amazon TV Fire Stick after our new one arrived ...
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In home heart health

Review of Alivecar Kardia in Home Heart Monitor

If you are at cardiac risk, please read our review. Please click here to read our full review of this ...
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Echo by Amaon

Review of the Alexa Enabled Echo Family of Products is pioneering how we interact with technology with its Alexa enabled voice activated Echo product line. Read our review ...
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Android TV set top bpx

Review of the Kodi Enabled Android TV Set Top Box

Are you sad that your new local TV is sorely lacking? Would you give anything to see TV from your ...
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Foodsaver long term food storage system

Foodsaver 2100 Product Review

Fresh Food Year Round If you are like us and are accustomed to seasonal fruits and vegetables year round, the ...
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Pimsleur Language Courses Review

Tried and True Pimsleur Works>/h3> Pimsleur is an oldie but a goodie, especially for those who learn best by listening ...
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Earworms Language Courses Review

Earworms is a Different way to Learn a Language Earworms is a different approach to learn a new language. Read ...
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functionally fluent

Functionally Fluent Language Courses Review

Functionally Fluent is an Excellent set of Courses for the Beginner For those of us who retire in the tropics, ...
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Womens RFID blocking travel vest

SCOTTeVEST RFID Blocking Travel Vest for Women Review

SCOTTeVEST RFID Blocking Travel Vest for Women My wife Isabel and I both own a travel vest from SCOTTeVEST and ...
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SCOTTeVEST Kayla Cowl Neck Blouse Review

Kayla Cowl Neck Blouse by SCOTTeVEST My wife strikes again! She has found another product she loves, in fact she ...
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