People Who Complain All of the Time

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Tropical paradise
Negative is not a tropical word

A challenge to living in the tropics is people who complain all of the time

Have you met Neil or Nancy Negative? If you haven’t yet you most likely will because even if their names are not Neil nor Nancy, you will surely recognize them as members of the Expatriate group of people who complain all of the time.

This syndrome is not unique to tropical retirees it seems to affect many people who move to a new place because we humans tend to miss the things we enjoyed where we lived before and forget about the things that annoyed us but to which we had grown accustomed to. This seems to be based on the general outlook towards life as individuals than where we moved from or to.

Is this all bad you ask? No it is not, many of the negative points of view are based on difficulties Neil and Nancy have encountered in their new home, and you might encounter them as well. Often this is caused be poor research by Neil and Nancy, but at times it is just based on unforeseeable things that were a less than pleasant surprise. You should take the time, not a lot, but take some time to learn from Neil and Nancy.

Probably the best thing to remember is the advice given my Jimmy Buffet

We chose to move to a new culture in a new country, and we choose to live here. Neil and Nancy are aggravated because the people who live here do not speak English, and in their opinion they should, they forget they moved here. The pace of service drives Neil crazy while Nancy does not know why she cannot find her preferred cosmetics. It is very easy to forget that there are other solutions and other products, adapting is what is important.

Neil and Nancy are not to be ignored, they’re having trouble adapting, but, the important thing is to not let the negative perspective cloud you vision. Enjoy your new life and learn to love the local culture, cuisine and activities because these are surely different from what you are accustomed to.

3 thoughts on “People Who Complain All of the Time”

  1. When visiting the tropics I avoid the Neil’s and Nancy’s of the world. Even in casual conversation, when they go negative I just walk away.

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