No Worries We Are Happy

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Overheard at the Beach

Sometimes we are too easily sucked into conversations about our new homes and our new lives so it was enlightening to write about what we overheard at the beach the other day. We were sitting in a lovely oceanfront cafe, sipping on Mango smoothies with a cool breeze ruffling our hair and the steady rhythm of the waves providing a soothing background thereby setting the tone for the afternoon.

A recent acquaintance and his wife, Jeff and Rachel, were chatting when I heard Rachel make one of the most profound statements about her new life and it really hit home. To paraphrase she told Jeff that she had spoken with her sister who lives somewhere in the United States and that she could not believe the issues the folks back there were dealing with from divisive politics to politicization of pro football, hurricane relief to a whacko with Nukes in North Korea. Healthcare that is not working and no one can agree on anything.

Jeff replied, well we cannot agree on much here either. Rachel replied Jeff, what are you talking about? Jeff had the reply of the year so far Happy Hour, which band plays the best dance music,

Dancing is happiness
Where should we dance tomorrow? Here seems pretty good!
where is the best place to buy strawberries, or sweet corn. Which scuba diving or deep sea fishing outfit is the best, people argue about those things all of the time.

My mango smoothie went flying across the room as I could not hold it back while laughing so hard. Needless to say Jeff and Rachel are now great friends as they could actually see why we retired here, no need to worry, be happy


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