Medical Concerns to Consider

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Quality of Healthcare

Probably the most important health related concern is what is the quality of health care that is available in the location you are planning to relocate to.  If there is a specific medical condition research into the availability of medications and medical services specific to that condition is vital.   To a lesser extent the cost of health care in your

Medical Care
Check the Quality of Medical Care

new location is also a concern, but this one can be mitigated with affordable international health insurance.


Quality of Care

Almost as important as the quality of health care is the quality of care for other services such as hospice care and nursing homes.

Affordable International Health Insurance

In many locations local health insurance is available even to people with preexisting conditions.  These policies are most often underwritten by international insurance providers and even though they are underwritten by international insurance companies the policies are applicable to services acquired only in the country of residence.

A far more flexible option is to purchase an international health insurance policy that covers medical costs in all or a select subset of countries around the world.  The best way to begin your research is to compare international health insurance options by clicking here.


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2 thoughts on “Medical Concerns to Consider”

  1. Hi Robert,

    I actually never considered the need for international health insurance, though I suppose it should have been obvious. Thanks so much for the insight! I’ve often heard healthcare is typically less expensive in other countries. Is this true and is it more expensive for foreigners? Is the insurance more expensive?

    1. Where we are medical care is significantly less expensive than the USA but a serious procedure can still set you back big bucks. International insurance is for folks who relocate to a country like Panama or Costa Rica. If you are just visiting Travel Insurance is both less expensive and will provide you with the coverage you need while you travel

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