Make Every Day an Adventure

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How to Find an Adventure

Many of us arrive at our new home and simply let our new life overwhelm  us.  While this is completely

white water rafting
Does this represent your idea of adventure?

understandable in the beginning the sooner you discover how to find an adventure the sooner you will make your new life far more rewarding.  Each of us has a different idea of what constitutes an adventure but finding our own is similar for each of us.  Your path to adventure can begin  in several ways but most likely you will explore all of these at one point or another.

One of the foremost ways to find your adventure is a country specific guide book  or its modern day equivalent, websites like  Guidebooks are often sold at the airport you will be arriving at, or from an online retailer such as

The second way many of us use is to ask friends whether they be local, personal friends who have visited the country you now live in, or virtual country specific expat group friends such as Gringo Expats is Costa Rica,  Thailand expats, or  expats in Panama.  These country specific groups are a great source of information, problem resolution and, if you are so inclined, expat friendships.

Probably one of the most used methods to find an adventure is to travel about.  Turn when you want to, explore what looks interesting.  You can find wonderful views, stunning beauty, unique and or typical local eateries and the rhythm of local life by simply going to a town and walking around visiting the local shops and restaurants.

When all of the aforementioned methods of finding an adventure fail you, you can always mimic a millennial and do a search online.   Happy hunting many new adventures await your presence.


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4 thoughts on “Make Every Day an Adventure”

  1. Such an inspiring post! I’d leave right now, if I only could. I’ve been using some of the methods you’ve mentioned, and definitely agree with you. Searching online is one of the things everyone can take advantage of, is affordable and even if you’re no longer young, you can manage it. Thanks and keep posting!

    1. Thank you Rahel. We have successfully retired in the Tropics and have seen many others succeed and fail. Our goal is to help most succeed and far fewer fail. Robert

  2. Thank you for a lovely article. Having adventures in life is so important. One has to rejuvenate oneself from the every day routine life which can become boring after a while. I’m naturally not an adventurous person but I know the good it does for me so I push myself!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I could not agree more and the really nice thing when you retire in the tropics is adventures await everywhere. Better yet you do so securely

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