Keeping In Contact With Your Culture

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Products to Help You Stay in Contact With Your Culture

Kodi Enabled Android Smart TV Player

This set top box connects you using the internet to video streaming services such as USTVNow, or Sling TV. You can watch television, movies and sporting events shown only in your home country, in your native language. You can eliminate high cable television costs that only give you a small selection of English speaking channels at a very high price per month. To read our review of this product you can do so here.

Help for the Asking

The Amazon Echo family of products are trend setters in voice controlled home entertainment, information and home automation that continually evolve as new cloud services are enabled. Read our full review of the Echo family of products here.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables year round

One of the things most North Americans have grown accustomed to is the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables year round.  Many of us who have relocated to the tropics soon discover is year round does not exist.  Fruits and vegetables are seasonal in our new home.  One way to solve this problem is a food preservation system.  You can read our review of one we  use and like here.


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