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International Travel Safety Tips

A good place to begin investigating if a country is your potential paradise or a living hell on  earth is to investigate

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how safe it is to visit.  Two great places to begin to investigate international travel safety tips are the US State Deñpartment warnings and alerts and the US  State Department country specific information.   A third option for a deeper country specific background is the US Central Intelligence Agency.

We recommend you use all three sites at the beginning of your research.If you have not done so already, joining the US State Department Smart Traveller Enrollment Program is a great way to notify the local US Embassy of a visit to or permanent residence in a foreign country.

Research and join facebook expatriate groups

Another excellent source of information about life in the countries you are considering is to join a facebook country specific group.  This will allow you to read experiences, challenges, joys and sorrows of people living  in  the country or like yourself investigating a life there.  Remember not everything you  read on facebook is accurate or true but it will give you a great place to learn about the culture of the countries you are considering.


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