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Hotel Reviews

Intercontinental Hotel Group
Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza and many others

Experience luxury for less. IHG Rewards Club members save up to 20% on hotels in select cities.

IHG Rewards Club Review

IHG Rewards Club is a brand loyalty program that grants club members discounts at International Hotel Group hotels, special reception awards including complimentary cocktails, in room snacks  and soft drinks at both corporate properties and franchise properties.  Often meals are discounted at hotel restaurants and membership reward points are earned on every dollar spent at their properties.

Brands Overview

Each brand in  the Intercontinental Group targets specific groups of clients which are also known as market segments.

The Intercontinental Hotel brand is the luxury brand of the group and many of their properties are resorts while others target white collar business travelers.  You can expect to be pampered when staying at an Intercontinental.

Crowne Plaza hotels are oriented towards creating an environment that serves the business traveler featuring free wifi in all rooms, quiet zones,  and located in prime business locations.

A unique IHG partner  brand is the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants group.  These properties have not been fully incorporated into the IHG Rewards club at this point in time, but they are a unique combination of boutique hotels with high end restaurants and bars.

The HUALUXE hotel properties are based in China and are a luxury brand that caters to Chinese customers.

Like the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants mentioned above Hotel Indigo is a boutique hotel company with each property being unique with its own personality.  The common themes of the hotels are they provide spa inspired bathrooms and locally sourced restaurants that use seasonal ingredients.

EVEN Hotels  are designed to cater to the physically active customer who prioritizes personal wellness as a central part of their lifestyle.   In order to do this the hotels and their staff offer a best in class fitness experience and healthier dining alternatives.

Probably the most venerable brand of the International Hotel Group is Holiday Inn Hotels.  Holiday Inn opened its first hotel in 1952 and is currently the largest hotel group in the world.  Their brand features mid range hotels that are both comfortable and not overly expensive.

The Holiday Inn Express chain is the preferred property for business travelers seeking an inexpensive short term stay. Typically a breakfast buffet is included with the price of the room, but full service restaurants are not usually part of the properties.

Staybridge Suites and Candlewood Suites are both extended stay suites offering their guests an apartment with a kitchen living room/dining room separate from the bedroom and bath.  These allow a business traveler or family to have a home away from home, although these properties typically do not have a full service restaurant on site.

Club Membership Benefits

The depth and breadth of hotels included in the rewards program is the foremost benefit for me and my family.  We have been members for many years and depend on the program every time we travel.  We feel appreciated when upon checkin, we are offered a welcome gift of snacks, cocktails or soft drinks.

We appreciate the lowest guaranteed rate for our stays and the reward points we earn that can be used on future stays or transferred to many major airlines frequent flyer programs.  We like free internet at every hotel, and the fact we even earn reward points on stays purchased with reward points.

The other nice thing is there are no reward blackout dates for booking a room, or booking a flight using points.

IHG Rewards is a rewards program offering benefits at over 5,000 hotels worldwide at no cost to you.  Like us, you can take advantage of being a member of this great program by clicking here.




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6 thoughts on “Hotel Reviews”

  1. Hello here, thanks for letting know about club. It seems that this club has plenty members to choose from. I stayed couple times in the Holiday Inn. I liked it a lot because I was so tired after flight that I needed just hot bath, comfortable bed and water. Everything I got at the hotel. I stayed close by Heathrow airport.Unfortunately, this hotel was closed and another hotel took place. I stayed in new one but I missed Holiday Inn.
    I wonder how much do you need to pay for membership? Do they have requirements to stay during year or you can choose any time?
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira, IHG is a great group of hotels. Being a club member will not cost you anything, membership is free. Also there are no stays required to maintain your membership so the membership and its benefits are there for your enjoyment. What IHG gets in return is the opportunity to develop a long term loyal customer. Robert

  2. Hey Maria Isabel and Robert!

    I didn’t know all these brands were part of the IHG group.

    It’s great to know since you can get all those benefits from staying in a big hotel chain, which you would get on single hotel brands.

    I’ve been in Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn and they are quite good. I recommend them.

    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your life in the tropics! 😉

    1. Thank you Israel, You can become a member for free by clicking here, We have been members for years and have found hotels and resorts that meet our needs, plus we always receive a specail welcome when we arrive.

  3. Oh yes I will.
    You have a great product line. All of us want to work so hard that one day we can retire in style.
    Tropics is defiantly what one must achieve, just to say you did it. You have done everything else in life.
    But to retire from the cities hustle and bustle to the tropics and drink spritz and write the tales of ones life is a real dream come true.

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