Blogging About Your New Life

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Blogging for Entertainment, or Blogging for Income? Why not do Both?

I see many people blogging about their new lives in the their favorite

worldwide blogging
Worldwide Blogging

retirement home and reading their blogs is a favorite pastime for most of us retirees.  The content of their blogs ranges from advice to news and it is a way for the expat communities to learn more about their new home and the day to day life in their new country.  Thank you bloggers!

Blogging is work, it takes time to research, to write and to publish so those doing it, do it for their own personal desire to assist others, to entertain themselves, or to earn money by providing valuable help and or information.  If you desire readership, your content must provide

Networking is one key to success
Networking is one key to success

a service to your readers and you must be able to reach out and let the potential audience know about what you are offering.

Creating and maintaining an audience is important to all bloggers regardless of the reason they blog, but it is most important to bloggers who desire to monetize their blog.

Interestingly, the additional work to turn a well written blog into one that generates income is small, but the patience required to see income is large for those us who are accustomed to seeing results NOW!

How do you make money from a blog site?

  • Develop a niche audience, existing bloggers have already done this.
  • Write content that is interesting to your niche, existing bloggers have already done, and continue to do this.
  • Become an affiliate marketer for companies that sell things that are helpful to your niche market, the missing step for existing bloggers.

A friend of ours whom we met in our new home discovered this secret and shared it with us.  We have not shared it with others before now because until we saw real income begin to arrive at the end of our first month of following the steps presented in the training our friend shared with us, we could not state it was not a scam, now we can.

Is it Instant Income and Money from Nothing?

Did you not read above?  I said it is not a scam, it is hard work,  especially in the beginning.  It requires patience as most people do not see any income during the first 3 months, and they work hard during this time if they desire to be successful.  Existing bloggers you already have a huge headstart.

Do I have to Spend a lot of Money to get Started?

You can get started for free by clicking here, but to actually be successful you will have to spend some cash to gain access to the advanced education courses and to host your blog site.  Any business requires investment of time and money, in comparison with most other ventures the financial investment here is very small, and the profit opportunity is only limited by the effort you put into blogging.

I hope this is helpful, successful blogging to you!



If you have any suggestions, ideas and or questions please leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Blogging About Your New Life”

  1. Blogging always seems like fun but you do need to have some considerable amount of posts in order to gain authority. How long did it take for you to have an authority site. My friend said that it took her almsot a few years to actually start off making money from her site!

    1. Hi Shrey,  I blog añmost everyday, there is so much to learn when someone is considering, or has retired in the tropics.  Being helpful is easy because we did it many years ago, so we have made most of the mistakes personally and have solved most of the problems so all we do is write about these.

  2. Great post about blogging and the potential for income!! It is easy to read and follow; gives a great generalization about how blogging for income works. Also, is very honest about the work that must be put into it!!

    How long have you been writing a blog and earning income from it?

    1. Hi Emily,  We have been  retired in the tropics for more than 8 years and have seen or experienced most of the problems and joys others have.  We have seen retirement go really well for those who are both tolerant of differences and have found ways to have the things they have become accustomed to having. before making the big move.  The blog is pretty new, but we have so many experiences to share we post at least 5 times per week, and most often 8 or 9 posts per week.  We use social media extensively to share content and are being indexed on bing, yahoo and google, but most posts are still 2nd page or lower.  Because we know our niche we made money in week 5 of blogging, and it has continued from there.

  3. Nice, quick read Robert, and I’m sure it will be helpful to bloggers who haven’t monetized their blog as yet.

    I am personally a part of Wealthy Affiliate, and I can tell you it’s totally worth it. I wouldn’t have a website without it and I would not know as much as I do about blogging now.

    Great recommendation man!

    1. Thank you Joeka,  WA definitely teaches how to earn money with a blog, What is the most difficult part of it is to keep bogging without immediate gratification.

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