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Maria Isabel, RoberT and Isabela at Santa Catalina Panamá
Enjoying a tropical beach town Santa Catalina Panamá home of the world surfing championship

My wife, Maria Isabel Todd, and I, Robert Todd, retired in 2010 and after much research , personal introspection by each of us and lengthy family discussions  we  decided we could live a richer life if we left the United States and began anew in a place with a warm climate and a less expensive cost of living.

We explored a number of locations throughout our lives including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panamá, Perú,  and New Zealand. We chose to relocate to Panamá and start a new phase of our lives.

We currently live in Santiago de Veraguas which is a medium sized city of two hundred thousand in the city itself and the surrounding province and is located about three and a half hours by car or bus west of the capital Panama City.   Like every location on earth it has many good things to enjoy and a few things that can drive a person nuts if they obsess about these.

The objective of this site is to introduce those considering a move abroad to the benefits, joys, adjustments and yes some things that can drive you nuts if you let them.  We will also share our experiences with you and what we have learned about the things we have discovered to ease the shock of such a move.

You can read more about us at our Wealthy Affiliate profile if you like.



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